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GE’s Diret Digital Bone Densitometry

Your practice demands dependable dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) assessment, and Prodigy delivers with exceptional precision and low-dose radiation. You can depend on Prodigy to provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat. At the same time, Prodigy streamlines your patient care and practice workflow.


One of the most proven DXA systems

When it comes to DXA technology, you can’t go wrong with Prodigy. With third generation DXA technology refined over 30 years, and nearly 11,000 units installed in 93 countries, plus hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals, you can be assured of Prodigy’s ability to help you care for your patients.


Optimal patient and practice management

Prodigy efficiently provides you with accurate bone mineral density (BMD) and other body composition analyses. Prodigy’s advanced features not only help your DXA scanning process flow with ease, but they also help enable you to manage your patient data and business more effectively.

  • A Narrow Angle Fan Beam device not only measures BONE MINERAL DENSITOMETRY bone mineral density but gives the most complete BONE ASSESSMENT
  • enCORE software platform
  • Multi-View Image reconstruction
  • Complete Networking through DICOM or HL7 across entire healthcare systems

Wide range of applications includes:

  • Advance Hip Analysis
  • HAL
  • Dual Femur Assessment
  • Upper Neck
  • Femur Strength Index
  • AP Spine
  • Fore Arm
  • Lateral Vertebral Assessment
  • Total Body Assessment and Body Composition (on full size table only)
  • Orthopedic Analysis
  • One step auto Analysis
  • One Vision scanning and reporting
  • Tele Densitometry